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Clear Based Partial Dentures – How A Good Idea From The 40’S Became A Great Idea Today!

Clear based partial dentures were considered a Cadillac treatment in the 1940’s when clear denture base resins came onto the market. Why? Clear denture bases offer more comfort to the patient because of the dentists’ ability to visualize pressure areas and adjust them away before mouth sores develop. They are lighter in weight and offer greater aesthetics due to the natural color of the mouth tissues showing through, allowing the denture to have the same color as the patient’s natural tissues. Comfort is greatly increased because the dentist can see through the material to the mouth tissue and zero in on potential problem areas earlier than with conventional techniques.

The final result is that affordable Dentures and more comfortable dentures can be one in the same, and look and chew better than conventional dentures. Fewer visits to the dental office for adjustments are needed. In the past, patients would pay an increased fee for these upgraded dentures. Fortunately, today that is not necessary and these improved dentures are no more expensive that the older style.

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