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Is It A Sinus Infection Or A Toothache?

Updated: Mar 25

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Is It A Sinus Infection Or A Toothache?

Is it a sinus infection or a toothache? In fact, swollen sinus tissues can actually move the teeth slightly, ouch! The reverse scenario can also happen when an abscessed tooth travels to the sinus cavity. Studies have shown us over and over that oral health is directly related to overall health. So, whether you are experiencing a tooth or a sinus issue don’t let it go untreated. 

Symptoms Of Sinus Infection

Normally, with a sinus infection, there is nasal discharge and congestion. If these symptoms are on top of a toothache, you may want to consult an ENT. Other indicators of a sinus infection are pain while opening the mouth while yawning, fever, chills and headache. 

Sinus pain usually manifests itself as a dull, continuous pain while the pain from an abscessed tooth increases in intensity. If you tap on an abscessed tooth, you will probably feel a sharp jolt of pain.

Symptoms Of Tooth Infections

A tooth infection occurs when bacteria enters a tooth. These infections can cause swelling and abscesses.

The most common sign of an affected tooth is pain. This pain can be severe or a steady throbbing that spreads to nearby areas such as the ear canal and sinuses. Other signs of a tooth infection are fever, facial swelling and discomfort when chewing or biting down. 

The chance of having a tooth infection increases greatly if you don’t regularly visit your dentist for cleanings and checkups, brush regularly, floss every day, reduce sugar intake and eat an overall healthy diet. 

An infected tooth can spread to other parts of the body. Of course, any infection in the body is cause for alarm. An abscessed tooth is an infection located in a part of the body that is uniquely located to spread bacteria elsewhere.  

Some potential issues that can arise:

  • damage to the jaw bone and loss of teeth

  • sinus infection

  • endocarditis – an infection of the endocardium, which is the inner lining of your heart chambers and heart valves

  • Ludwig’s angina – an infection that occurs in the floor of the mouth, under the tongue

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