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Reasons Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Updated: Mar 25

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Are missing teeth ruining your smile and causing other oral issues? All your teeth serve a function, so depending on which tooth is missing, issues with chewing, swallowing and speaking can cause unwanted dental issues. Replacing missing teeth with a bridge can ensure you maintain a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

Bridge Savvy

Typically, a dental bridge has two crowns placed on either side of a missing tooth. The bridge can be attached to real teeth or dental implants. An artificial tooth called a pontic, fills the gap of the absent tooth. Bridges can be constructed from gold alloys, non-precious alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials. Porcelain is often bonded to either a precious or non-precious metal.

Dental Bridges Can Be Permanently Attached Or Removable

Fixed or permanent bridges are applied by one of two methods. The first method involves placing crowns on the abutment teeth. The second method bonds the artificial teeth directly to the abutment teeth.

Removable bridges are either attached to the teeth with metal clasps or by precision attachments.

Why Dental Bridges Are Important

Benefits of Dental Bridges Include:

  • Restoring your natural smile.

  • Maintaining your face’s natural shape.

  • Restoring normal speech functions.

  • Proper chewing habits to decrease stress on other teeth and alleviate TMJ.

  • Preventing other teeth from shifting.

  • Improving oral health which in turns improves overall health.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Fitting a crown requires at least two office visits. Initially, the dentist will remove any decay, shape the tooth, and fit you with a temporary crown of either plastic or metal. On the next visit, the temporary crown will be removed, and the final crown will be fitted and adjusted. Lastly, the crown is cemented into place and you have a new beautiful looking tooth.

Will My Bite Be Different?

Dental bridges are an integral part of modern dentistry. At our dental office, you will receive the strongest and properly fitted dental bridges in all of Albuquerque, NM.

Our team creates natural-looking and well-fitting bridges for their patients. They are happy to give you the smile transformation you desire.

Reasons Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Are you missing a tooth or two? Many people find themselves in the same situation, whether it's due to an accident, decay, or simply genetics. But here's the thing - leaving those gaps in your smile can have more than just cosmetic consequences. In fact, replacing missing teeth is essential for maintaining oral health and overall wellbeing. So if you've been contemplating whether or not to fill that gap, keep reading! We're about to dive into all the reasons why you should replace missing teeth and how to do it effectively. It's time to reclaim your confident smile and improve your quality of life!

When it comes to missing teeth, the impact goes far beyond aesthetics. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider replacing them: 1. Restored Functionality:Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew and speak properly. By replacing them with dental implants or other prosthetic options, you can regain full functionality and enjoy your favorite foods without any discomfort. 2. Preventing Shifting of Adjacent Teeth:When a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth may start to shift or tilt into the empty space, disrupting the alignment of your bite. This can lead to further oral health issues such as misalignment and jaw pain. 3. Preserving Jawbone Health:Tooth loss not only affects your visible smile but also impacts the underlying jawbone structure. Without stimulation from tooth roots, the bone in that area begins to deteriorate over time. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants helps preserve jawbone health by providing necessary stimulation. 4. Enhanced Confidence and Self-Esteem: Let's face it - a complete smile does wonders for our self-confidence! Whether at work or social gatherings, having a confident smile allows us to interact more comfortably with others, boosting our overall self-esteem. 5. Improved Facial Aesthetics:Missing teeth can cause sagging facial muscles and premature aging due to lack of support for lips and cheeks. By replacing those gaps, we restore proper support for facial structures, which helps maintain a youthful appearance.Remember, addressing missing teeth promptly is crucial for maintaining oral health while enjoying all these benefits they provide!

How To Replace Missing Teeth

There are several options available for replacing missing teeth, each with its own benefits and considerations. The right choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. One common option is a dental implant, which involves surgically placing an artificial tooth root into the jawbone. This provides a stable foundation for a replacement tooth that looks and functions like a natural tooth. Dental implants offer long-term durability and can help prevent bone loss in the jaw.Another option is a dental bridge, which uses adjacent teeth as anchors to support an artificial tooth or set of teeth. Bridges are a more affordable solution but may require altering healthy teeth to create support.Dentures are removable appliances that replace multiple missing teeth. They can be full dentures for those missing all their natural teeth or partial dentures when some natural teeth remain. Dentures provide aesthetic improvement and restore basic chewing function.For those who prefer non-invasive options, dental bonding or veneers can be used to cover up gaps caused by missing teeth. However, these solutions do not address the underlying issue of tooth loss.Consult with your dentist to determine the best method for replacing your missing teeth based on factors such as oral health, budget, and personal preference. Remember that timely replacement of missing teeth is important for maintaining oral health overall!

Taking care of your oral health is essential, and replacing missing teeth is a crucial part of that. Whether you've lost a tooth due to injury, decay, or other factors, it's important to understand the impact that missing teeth can have on both your oral health and overall wellbeing.From affecting your ability to chew properly and speak clearly to causing jawbone deterioration and shifting of surrounding teeth, the consequences of not replacing missing teeth are far-reaching. However, by exploring different options such as dental implants, bridges, or dentures with the help of your dentist, you can restore your smile and improve your quality of life.Remember that each individual case is unique when it comes to tooth replacement. Consulting with a dental professional will allow you to explore which option suits you best based on factors like cost, durability, aesthetics, and long-term benefits.Don't wait any longer if you're dealing with missing teeth. Invest in yourself by taking steps towards restoring your smile and maintaining optimal oral health. Embrace the opportunity for improved confidence and functionality – because, after all, having a complete set of pearly whites shouldn't be something we take for granted!

To find out more about the dental services offered by our dentist in Albuquerque NM, Dr. Snyder, call (505)-293-7611, schedule an online consultation or visit us at 4830 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE, Ste. K, Albuquerque, NM, 87111.



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