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Root Canal Do's And Dont's

Updated: Mar 7

It’s crucial to choose an experienced dentist when getting a root canal, as this procedure can be more complex and risky than a typical dental procedure. A dentist with a good reputation and a long track record of successful root canals will typically deliver better care than one with a reputation for delivering poor care.

Do ask your dentist about pain management options.

Your dentist can prescribe medication to help numb the pain. You can take medicine about an hour before your procedure. You might also receive a prescription for a pain reliever to take for a few days after the procedure.

Do ask about sedation dentistry.

If you have a fear of the dentist, it’s important to let your dental team know right away. They may be able to recommend sedation dentistry that will allow you to relax through your treatment.

Do bring your mouthguard with you to your appointment.

If your appointment is in the morning, you might forget to bring your mouthguard with you. Consider leaving your guard at home if you’re going somewhere after your appointment. Otherwise, your temporary tooth restorations might not stay in place.

Don't put off your root canal treatment any longer.

Root canal treatment has become a common dental treatment, but that doesn’t mean you should put off scheduling an appointment. Delaying treatment can actually be damaging to your teeth. If your tooth is infected, this infection can spread to other areas of your gums and jawbone. It can also spread to other teeth. Plus, putting off treatment can make the pain worse.

Be gentle with your teeth after your root canal procedure.

Treat your root canal just as you would your natural teeth. This means brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily. Even though your root canal procedure will eliminate your pain, it’s important to continue seeing your dentist every six months for routine dental checkups.

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