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Sensitive Teeth – Causes And Solutions

Updated: Apr 2

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Sensitive Teeth – Causes And Solutions

Many dentist visits begin with sensitive teeth – causes and solutions.

Your sensitive teeth can be caused by things both in and out of your control. From brushing to infection, let’s look at a few reasons this might happen to you.

1. You are brushing too hard!

We all want nice white teeth, and sometimes we brush too hard or too often. Unfortunately, over brushing or brushing with too much force can actually harm your teeth! You can wear down the enamel covering your teeth. This exposes the softer and more sensitive layers of your teeth. Sometimes the effect can be quite painful!

Use a softer bristle brush and be gentler with your teeth.

2. Your diet is causing problems.

If you already have issues with your teeth, like cavities or gum disease, and you eat acidic foods like grapefruits, lemons, pickles, or even tomato sauce, you are asking for trouble. If your teeth feel pain when you eat these foods, don’t eat them, and check with your dentist to see if there are other problems that need addressing.

3. Grinding your teeth

People that grind their teeth are damaging the enamel, and this can expose the tubes and channels that lead down the tooth to the nerves.

4. Wrong toothpaste?

There are some tooth whitening type toothpastes that have chemicals designed to whiten teeth. These chemicals might be harming your teeth and gums. Consider switching toothpastes if you use one of these whitening pastes and you have sensitive teeth.

5. Too much mouthwash.

Some of the mouthwash sold contains alcohol and other chemicals that have been shown to cause pain to sensitive mouths.

6. Oral health issues like gum disease and excessive plaque.

Gum disease and periodontal issues may lead to sensitive areas prone to pain. Excessive plaque causes the degradation of enamel.

7. Recent dental procedures.

I guess this is common sense – but if you have had oral surgery or other dental work recently, it is very likely your mouth is tender and surely susceptible to any and all types of irritants. Of course, if your sensitive teeth do not improve, you need to let your dentist know!

In any case, sensitive teeth are no laughing matter and can be quite painful. If it persists no matter what you do, be sure to make an appointment and get it checked. Only an office visit can determine the most likely cause of your tooth sensitivity and the best solution for your particular situation.

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