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Types Of Dental Floss

Updated: Apr 3

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Types Of Dental Floss

What are the types of dental floss? 1. Waxed floss is most popular because of its ease of use. The wax is tacky, so it adheres to your teeth and is less likely to slide off. The wax also helps to remove plaque from between your teeth (interdental).

Unwaxed floss

Unwaxed floss is one of the most popular options for flossing. This floss doesn’t contain wax, so it can slide easily in between teeth. Unwaxed floss is also usually less likely to shred than floss that does have wax.

When you floss with unwaxed floss, you should be careful not to snap the floss between your teeth. This can cause the floss to leave shreds behind.

Oral irrigators

An oral irrigator is a device that sprays water onto the teeth. It can help patients remove food particles and plaque. The oral irrigator can help patients remove food particles and plaque from between teeth, especially if they do not floss regularly.

Water flossers also come in cordless and corded varieties (corded versions use electricity to operate). The cordless models typically have rechargeable batteries. The corded models plug into a wall outlet.

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