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Hair Removal Waxing

Updated: Apr 3

someone waxing their leg hair

Hair Removal Waxing

Waxing is a popular form of hair removal. A thin layer of wax is applied to the skin, and then a piece of cloth or paper is rubbed over the area. This removes the wax and any hair from the skin. Waxing removes the hair from the root, so it takes longer to grow back than it would with shaving.

Is Hair Removal Waxing Right For Me?

Waxing is a great hair removal method for those who have sensitive skin, allergies, or those who just don’t like the feeling of hair being pulled. Waxing pulls the hair from the root, and therefore removes the hair from the entire hair follicle, not just the visible part. However, waxing can be painful and irritating to the skin, especially for those who are prone to acne and breakouts.

Is Hair Removal Waxing Permanent?

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal. While it does remove hair from the root, it does so temporarily. Hair that grows back will be finer and lighter than before. Waxing can also be done at home with waxing kits.

Waxing is typically not recommended for people with certain skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis. Waxing also shouldn’t be done on sunburned skin.

Is Hair Removal Waxing Painful?

Most patients find waxing to be less painful than other methods, such as laser hair removal. Waxing removes the entire hair follicle, while the laser method only zaps the hair at the surface.

Waxing can take up to 10 weeks to achieve permanent results, while laser hair removal is permanent.

It’s a good idea to avoid shaving between waxing sessions. If you do, the hair will grow back coarse and stubbly.

Hair Removal: Waxing vs. Shaving

Shaving is an effective way to remove hair from most areas of the body. It’s great for shaving legs, underarms, upper lips, and bikini lines. However, there are some drawbacks to shaving, and waxing can be a better option.

Shaving is quick and easy, but the hair tends to grow back quickly, especially in sensitive areas such as the face. With shaving, there’s also a risk of creating razor burn, and nicking the skin, especially on more contoured areas. Waxing is a much more long-lasting solution, and the hair takes longer to grow back.

Hair Removal: Tips For Waxing Success

  • Use a clean cloth to apply the wax.

  • Do not apply wax to skin that is irritated or broken in any way.

  • If you have extremely sensitive skin, consider shaving instead of waxing.

  • Do not wax the area more than once every two to three days.

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