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What Is Laser Frenectomy?

Updated: Apr 3

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What Is Laser Frenectomy?

What is Laser Frenectomy? Laser frenectomy is a dental procedure that can be performed for children and adults to correct a tongue-tie. Tongue-ties are fairly common and impact one out of three or four babies. A tongue-tie occurs when a thin piece of tissue (frenulum) attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

The frenulum can sometimes cause difficulty eating, breathing, and speaking. Laser frenectomy can be performed to shorten the frenulum. The procedure is quick and pain-free. The frenulum will be cut, and the laser cauterizes it, which will allow it to be absorbed naturally by the body.

Is Laser Frenectomy Procedure Painful?

Laser frenectomy is virtually painless. Typically, patients can return to their normal routine immediately. Laser frenectomy uses a gentle, precise laser to sever the tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Patients may experience some slight soreness or swelling for a few days following the procedure, but this pain is minor compared to the pain of a tongue-tie.

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