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What Is Panoramic Radiography?

Updated: Mar 7

What To Expect.

Panoramic radiography is a unique extraoral (outside the mouth) technique that allows the dentist to view all teeth and their related structures, from one jaw joint to the other. It is used for general screening for structural problems, like a broken jaw, as well as infections, and developmental problems and tumors. Is in limited in its ability to diagnose cavities and gum disease. This type of survey is recommended once every five years.

5 Tips for Best Results with Panoramic Radiography:

  • Remove all jewelry, including lip and tongue bars.

  • Follow instructions of the dental professional adjusting the machine.

  • Stand or sit very still as the machine moves around you. The image takes 18 seconds to complete.

  • Place tongue in palate.

  • Bite on orientation device throughout procedure keeping head straight.

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