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Why We Place Implants From OCO Biomedical.

What the company says:

Only OCO Biomedical developed the Dual-Stabilization™ design that creates a true mechanical lock at the top and bottom of the dental implant, ensuring immediate stability and superior osseointegration. This design combines a ‘mini-thread’ pattern at the top of the implant that locks into the cortical bone, and an ‘auger’ design at the base that actually condenses bone around the tip and threads.

Now, in plain English:

The success of any implant depends on the integration of the implant and the bone. The bone actually grows into the titanium of the implant. What makes the OCO implant better is that as it is placed, the shape of the implant presses against and compresses the bone. This creates a more dense layer of bone around the implant. What this means for the patient is that the implant is more stable from the beginning and a temporary crown can be placed sooner, sometimes even the day of the initial placement.

The use of OCO implants is what makes us a top choice as your Albuquerque dentist

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