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Implant Retained/Supported Dentures

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Implant-retained dentures, sometimes called all-on-4 or all-in-6 dentures, are dentures that are fastened to four or six dental implants embedded into the jawbone per arch.

Implant-retained dentures come in two types:

  • Titanium bar with acrylic-rounded and denture teeth

  • Full zirconium, continuous piece denture

Pros: Implant-retained dentures are securely screwed into place. The patient isn’t required to remove their dentures at night. Because there is no acrylic next to the palate, it makes the implant-retained denture more comfortable for the patient. Implant-retained dentures are stronger so the patient can bite and chew a wider variety of foods. All-on-4 dentures rarely become dislodged.

The zirconium implant-retained denture is made of one material and is considered stronger than the titanium bar version. Also, the zirconium option is usually more aesthetically pleasing.

Cons: With the titanium bar denture the acrylic may separate from the titanium bar. Implant-retained dentures are more difficult for the patient to clean. They are required to clean their dentures each night (suggested) using a Waterpik, floss threader, and mouthwash, which can take a considerable amount of time.

Lastly getting implant-retained dentures is a more invasive procedure for the patient.

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