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At Dr. Snyder DDS, we use Reiki to help with dental anxiety. Reiki is an energy healing modality that can be used in dentistry to relieve suffering.  Reiki is facilitated by light touch.  It typically brings rapid stress reduction and relief from pain and anxiety, helping to put the patients mind at ease during a dental procedure.

Energy Healing

What Are The Causes Of Dental Anxiety? 

There are many ways that people can experience dental anxiety. Your dentist will consider all the factors that may be contributing to your anxiety during your consultation. Some of the most common causes of dental anxiety include the following:

  • Fear of the sights, smells, and sounds of a dentist’s office

  • Recurring bad experiences from past visits to a dentist’s office

  • Pain or discomfort

  • Unfamiliarity with the dental treatment process

  • What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy.” Reiki practitioners believe that we are all spiritually, mentally, and physically connected.

When our energy is low, we tend to feel unhappy. Reiki can help return us to balanced functioning it also encourages relaxation. The body is holistically treated, and both physical and emotional healing can occur.


How Does Reiki Work? 

Reiki works on an energetic level, which is beyond time and space.  It activates according to the needs of the person.  This energy flows through the hands of the clinician through the patient’s physical body, gently influencing an individual’s system toward balance.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner will place their hands lightly on the body or may hover their hands slightly above the body.  Many patients report feeling calmer and more relaxed following a Reiki session.


Is Reiki Safe?  

Reiki is safe because it does not require any physical manipulation, like dental instruments.

Some of the benefits may include: 

  • Improved sleep and digestion

  • A greater sense of well-being

  • Feeling more motivated and less depressed

  • Some experience relief from side effects of medication, radiation or chemotherapy.

All results vary from person to person. 

To find out more about the dental services offered by our dentist in Albuquerque NM, Dr. Snyder, call (505)-293-7611, schedule an online consultation or visit us at 4830 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE, Ste. K, Albuquerque, NM, 87111.

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